Project 365

Our lives are lived in daily moments.

Our lives are lived in daily moments.  While birthdays, graduations, and recitals are events to celebrate it's those little moments, the ones that make up all that time in between the big life events, that so often are overlooked.  

In an effort to celebrate the "in between moments" I've taken up a Project 365.  The premise is simple.  Take a picture of your life, every day. That's it.  It sounds easy but honestly, there are days I don't want to bother with it.  I'm tired or the house is a disaster.  I have errands to run and not enough time to run them in and my child is crying.  

Life is happening and life can be messy. 

Seemingly simple and forgettable moments are now part of your story. 

But I do it anyways.  I force myself to find that beautiful moment  in the simple "everydayness" of our lives... and I'm so glad I do. 

I'm in my second year of this project and every month I make a collage of the pictures I've taken.  At first it doesn't feel like much.  A small collection of seemingly random pictures.  But slowly the days turn to weeks and the weeks start adding up. Soon enough you're looking back a month... and then another month, and all of a sudden you have a year's worth of memories all in one place.  You have an entire year of your life looking back at you.  Seemingly simple and forgettable moments are now part of your story. 

I'm capturing our legacy.  It's a gift for myself and my family and something I'm already treasuring.  

My  Project 365 - 2018

My Project 365 - 2018

Current Project 365

2018 Project 365