Summer Documented: A Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Twelve photographers.

Twenty prompts.

One summer. 

This spring I had an idea for a collaborative photographic project.  I wanted to gather a group of talented photographers and have us document our summers together. 

Summer can be either chaotic, or, completely laid back.  Either way, it can be hard to find the time and focus to take the kind of pictures you want.  I wanted to overcome this by coming up with a list of 20 different categories (and one bonus category) for all of us to interpret and find how it fit within our own summer story.  

Many of us have never met in "real life".  We come from all over the country and all have our differences.  Yet, somehow, we all have a similar narrative we can share.  Below are all the pictures we took divide by the prompt that inspired them.  Please take the time to look through each category and appreciate all the hard work we've put into documenting our summers.  Each photo links back to that artist's website or Instagram page so that you can continue to follow along with their work. 

At The Fair



Up Close


Frozen Treats






In The Car


Into Nature


Patriotic Vibes






Staying Cool


Summer Bummer


Summer Chores


Summer Eats


Summer in the City


Summer Nights


Summer Objects


Tan Lines


Up in the Air


Inflatables (bonus category)

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