Mommy and Me Photo Shoot

This year I offered Mom and Me Mini Sessions.  My thought was that these would be purchased by men to give to the mamas in their lives as a gift.  I got surprised though when a mama out there decided to treat herself and take charge of documenting her own story (which of course I just love) and purchased a session for herself.  

Ginny set up her shoot for her and her daughter fairly quickly after she booked.  But, as has been the theme this year, Minnesota weather was as uncooperative as ever.  After rescheduling for sweltering heat and thunderstorms we finally got pictures taken this week.  

It was cloudy and that "rainy feeling" was in the air but I put my trust in the radar that said I had forty minutes to get this done.  And for once, the weather report was just right.  As we finished up and were loading in the cars, the drops started falling.  

I was especially happy that the weather cooperated so I could finally meet these two lovely ladies and spend some time getting to know them as I documented their special bond.  Ginny's daughter was especially a joy.  She was so vibrant and full of life.  You could feel the love she had for her mom and how special she felt being able to do this photo shoot, just the two of them.