A Surprise Engagement

Thursday I shot what was probably the most exciting, fun, and nerve-wracking shoot I've had to date.  I got to document my brother proposing to his girlfriend, Malia.  

Earlier this week I got a text from my brother, Michael who told me he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend later this week.  I was so excited for him and was so happy that I was able to help him in planning his proposal.  After a bit of discussion he knew what he wanted to do.  

The Plan: I would group message them saying their help was needed.  I'd say that I wanted to do some more couples shoots for my website and was hoping they would be able to meet up this week so that I could use them as models.  During the photo shoot Michael would propose.

Luckily, Malia was on board and was all about helping.  Michael was also able to suggest for the shoot a beautiful spot over the river (that happens to be a sentimental place for them) where he wanted to pop the question without her being suspicious.  

After about a half an hour, it was time.  I had them pose, fixed my setting, set my focus, and started saying what Michael and I had agreed on ahead of time that would let him know I was ready to capture this beautiful moment they were sharing.  

It was a gorgeous, beautiful night that couldn't have gone more perfectly.  I was so happy to be included and asked to document the question that will start a new chapter for them.  

After I got home last night I stayed up late to go through the photos so they'd have some to share right away.  I have a lot more to fully edit but below are some of my favorites from the night.