A Playdate

Marisa is an internet friend that turned into a real friend.  I met her about a year ago in a photographer's group on Facebook and she was the type of person I could immediately click with and talk to.  Luckily, she also has two girls.  Last week we both drove 2.5 hours to meet at a water park in between both our houses.  The girls played until they literally wouldn't move anymore.  

When you've spent all day in the sun and your children are lethargic and past exhausted you of course take them home....


I'm just kidding.  

You of course take them to Dairy Queen.  

It was a normal type of outing.  People take their kids swimming and to get ice cream every day.  But it's those ordinary, every day moments that we so often forget to document.  It's so easy to think "this isn't a big deal' or, "I can take these pictures next time".  But it's not worth waiting.  Time is a thief and it never returns what it takes. 

I love that I was able to capture these moments with my friend and her girls.  Though we live far apart and the next play date might not come quickly, we're already looking forward to it.