Middle of Birthday Week

In our house we have birthday week.  I'm May 10th, Lily is May 15th, and John is May 17th.  It's a pretty unique situation that lends itself to all sorts of fun potential.  How many families get to celebrate all of it's members in the same week?  

Right in the middle of the birthday festivities is Lily's birthday and this year she turned four.  

When I was a kid my mom would always leave balloons in our rooms so when we woke up we could be greeted with birthday cheer and I've started doing that for Lily.  She carts her balloons everywhere with her for days after.  Even as I'm writing this she's hugging her (much deflated) bunch of balloons while she watches Shrek.  

Trying to make a Tuesday feel special and unique for in a small town isn't the easiest task.  We ended up going out for lunch, just us girls (where she then sobbed for the entire meal because I bought her mac and cheese after she asked for mac and cheese.....#toddlerlogic).  After that we went shopping for a birthday dress which was a total hit.  If this girl loves one thing it's a new dress.    

That night she also had her first soccer game... it should have been her fourth game but it's been raining almost non-stop here for weeks so they've been getting cancelled.  The game went as you'd expect a game to go when the team is comprised of young kids.... very little soccer playing, lots of grass throwing and inspecting of body parts.  

After soccer it was cakes for dinner.... first pancakes, then birthday cake.  Both were eaten with great gusto and with little table manners because... well, she was excited for an all sugar dinner.  

After that, we were finally able to do the thing that'd I'd been excited about for weeks which was giving her her gift... her first, legit, big girl bike complete with a basket and streamers (we had a bell too but it was broken upon arrival... but we're going to fix that!)

She was a little leery at first and I wouldn't say bike riding came naturally to her, but she seemed excited all the same and we spent some time in the driveway practicing.  

I feel like we're entering a year of lasts... Last year before she starts school full time.  Last year she can be considered a little kid.  Last year where the world will be truly mysterious before she starts really learning things at school. Last year we have real freedom to travel whenever we want to.  It tugs at my heartstrings when I think about it.  But you can't stop it... so I might as well document it.  

Kelsey Hilgers