Celebrate Yourself

I had someone approach me a few months ago asking me about a cake smash photo shoot... for themselves.  

If you're not familiar with a cake smash it's usually a photo shoot you take of a child, who is turning one, destroying a birthday cake in a way only a one year old can.  

But this particular person was turning 30 and she wanted to celebrate that with a cake smash of her own.  I was so excited about this idea I jumped at it right away.  Not only did I think that this would be fun to shoot (and it was) I was excited to do a shoot that was out of the norm.  

We so often schedule pictures to be taken to document life events that revolve around family... weddings, pregnancy, births, and of course, the yearly family photo.  Not very often so we set up pictures just for ourselves.  To celebrate how far we've come in life.  To celebrate our individual milestones.  

This person, who wants to remain anonymous until after her actual birthday (she wants to give these pictures as gifts) is a reminder to us all that we are worth celebrating in our own right.  We're worth documenting too.  


Kelsey Hilgers