I'm Kelsey of The Southern North Photography here in Austin, Minnesota.

I’m a published and award winning photographer, a wife, a mom to my loving and vibrant girl, a former teacher, and memory hoarding enthusiast.  I have dozens of shoe boxes in the basement filled with things like tickets from the first baseball game my husband took me to, notes from my childhood best friend, medals from high school band competitions, and of course thousands of photographs.  

If you see me out and about I’m almost guaranteed to have my camera with me. From birthdays, to breakfast, to trips to the grocery store... events that happen once in a life time, or, as a daily event... It’s all worth documenting to me.  

If love and family is what makes life worth living, then it also makes it worth documenting.  

If you follow me on any sort of social media you know my family loves to travel.  I have a bowl in my living room that’s about to spill over with rocks, one for each place we've traveled to. A little something we can carry with us to remind us of where we’ve been.  

Photography is the ultimate way to bring us back to places we’ve been and the people who were there with us.  Capturing people as they are in that moment is what makes me want to pick up my camera.  If love and family is what makes life worth living, then it also makes it worth documenting.  

Photography isn’t just digital files or slips of paper that someone (me) stores in countless shoe boxes in their basement.  It’s a gift and a legacy you can pass down to others and it’s my endless joy to be the recorder of that legacy.  

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Why I Shoot....

The Southern North Photography is a family and documentary styled photography business located in Austin, Minnesota (the southern north).

As a mother I understand what it's like to look at your child and have the sinking realization that it's going by too fast. The funny way they said a certain word yesterday has been corrected. The looks of wonder and awe are replaced with recognition and understanding. Tiny feet and hands keep getting bigger and new lines are ever being marked on the growth chart.

I want to help you document this time in your life so that you can always look back and remember those real moments.

I want to give you images that represent your life. Images that document your family as they are. Images that will let your kids remember their childhood.

Images that encapsulate your family's legacy.

I believe in showcasing your real connection as a family. I want you to look at your pictures and feel that they represent the people you know as they really are.